Well-being at work

Well-being at work

Well-being at work

How do you take care of the well-being of employees at your company? Is your company interested in improving well-being at work by offering massage to employees?

Sick absences due to musculoskeletal disorders are regrettably common in many work communities, and regular massage is a good way to reduce them. The disadvantages and costs of sick absences are especially strenuous for small and medium-sized enterprises. One sick absence day can cost up to 350 euros (substitutes, overtime and work slowing down taken into account; Confederation of Finnish Industries). Absences due to musculoskeletal disorders are often long and recurring. Preventing them is important and will definitely pay for itself!

In addition to reducing sick absences, massage has many other advantages. After a massage, your employees will be refreshed, motivated, happy and efficient, and produce better quality. Happy and healthy employees are an asset to your company, so don’t forget to invest in their well-being!

When a company offers a massage benefit for all its employees, expenses are tax-deductible!

Idealfysio offers flexible options for cooperation. Perhaps you would like to offer your employees an opportunity to use our massage and osteopathy services in Töölö or Helsinki? Or, if you have suitable facilities of your own, our massage therapist can meet you there. We do corporate events and team building days as well!

There are many different ways of cooperation, and benefits can always be tailored to fit your needs.

Request for a quotation for your company at info@idealfysio.fi.

We accept Smartum Massage Benefit and ePassi payments.