Sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is a specialized field of physiotherapy that focuses on the prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries in athletes and active individuals. Sports physiotherapists are knowledgeable about the specific requirements and training characteristics of different sports, which is important to consider when planning rehabilitation or injury prevention strategies. In sports, the stress placed on the body’s structures is significantly higher compared to everyday activities, and the repetitive nature of this stress can increase the risk of acute and overuse injuries for athletes.

The goal of sports physiotherapy is to work together with the athlete to maximize their healthy training days and optimize their functional abilities. Sports physiotherapists may collaborate closely with coaches to achieve these objectives.

When an athlete sustains an injury, sports physiotherapy aims to facilitate their safe and speedy return to full competition while minimizing the impact on their physical capabilities. Optimizing tissue healing processes, reducing the risk of re-injury, enhancing or maintaining performance during the rehabilitation period, and collaborating with the coach are crucial components of high-quality sports rehabilitation.

Is sports physiotherapy suitable for me?

Sports physiotherapy is suitable for anyone who wants to prevent acute and overuse injuries related to sports or is currently experiencing sports-related injuries. While it is particularly important for professional athletes and individuals who engage in sports actively and with specific goals, people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to seek sports physiotherapy. Assessing an individual’s capacity to meet the demands of a particular sport can be a valuable tool for those considering starting a new sport to avoid excessive strain too quickly.

Typical clients who seek the expertise of a sports physiotherapist include:

  • Active individuals who want to optimize their performance and prevent the occurrence of overuse injuries, allowing them to continue their sport at full capacity.
  • Individuals suffering from sports-related overuse injuries. These injuries can be recurring conditions or new problems that have arisen for the first time.
  • Individuals undergoing rehabilitation for acute injuries who require the support of a professional who understands the sport’s demands in planning their rehabilitation and return to sports.
  • Postoperative conditions and rehabilitation.

Our certified sports physiotherapist, Samu Kauppila, practices at our Punavuori clinic. In addition to his clinical work, Samu serves as the physiotherapist for the men’s futsal national team and as the head of physical conditioning for FC Honka in the National League. Samu specializes in lower extremity injuries and rehabilitation (ankle ligament injuries, Achilles tendon injuries, knee ligament injuries, overuse pain, football-related conditions, and physical conditioning). We also offer a training package designed specifically for young football players. If you have any questions regarding treatment, you can directly contact Samu via email.

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