Osteopathy during and after pregnancy

Osteopathy during and after pregnancy

Did you know that up to 80% of pregnant women experience back pain? Pregnancy and postnatal osteopathy focus on supporting the body as pregnancy progresses and after childbirth. It helps alleviate various pain and issues related to changes in body posture as the uterus grows. It also assists in preparation for childbirth and postpartum recovery, regardless of whether it’s a vaginal birth or a cesarean section. Osteopathy can also help manage pre-existing musculoskeletal problems during pregnancy.

Osteopathy during and after pregnancy is completely safe for both the expectant mother and the baby. All treatment techniques are selected and adapted to suit the patient. Patients are always encouraged to communicate any discomfort during the treatment, as it can be performed in various positions, preferably in a comfortable position for the patient. Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy helps with pain management and improves body mobility during late pregnancy when combined with standard prenatal care. Pregnancy osteopathy can be beneficial for:

Preparation for childbirth Pregnancy-related symptoms (pain, shortness of breath, pelvic pain) Pre-existing body issues (such as nerve impingements, back pain, headaches, stress) Postpartum recovery (pelvic and abdominal area recovery, nervous system adaptation, pain, urinary incontinence, diastasis recti rehabilitation)

Please note that osteopathic treatment can be combined with prenatal and postnatal Pilates. Pregnancy and postnatal osteopathy are available at our two locations in Töölö and Kamppi. The Kamppi location also has a gym where you can seek guidance and advice for exercising during pregnancy and after childbirth. The treatment is provided by specialized osteopath Essi Suomilammi, who has the expertise to rehabilitate and treat musculoskeletal problems during pregnancy and the postnatal period. Essi has been described by our clients as professional, approachable, and an excellent problem solver!

Essi also has a lot of great information in her own pages which you can find here!