What is OMT Physiotherapy?

Orthopedic Manual Therapy, or OMT Physiotherapy, is a specialized field of physiotherapy that focuses on the assessment of a person’s physical function, examination and therapy of nerve, muscle, and joint structures, as well as the prevention of functional disorders and pain conditions. An OMT Physiotherapist is a professional specialized in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems and diseases. They are also a valuable resource in the treatment of more demanding musculoskeletal conditions.

OMT Physiotherapy is based on a thorough examination of the patient and clinical reasoning. Treatment methods often include manual techniques and therapeutic exercises. Through proper guidance and self-directed exercises, the aim is to treat and prevent musculoskeletal problems. Additionally, individual psychosocial and environmental factors are taken into consideration during examination and therapy.

The continuous assessment and development of orthopedic manual therapy are based on the latest scientific knowledge and strong clinical evidence. Ismo Palmamäki is the OMT Physiotherapist at Idealfysio. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Ismo works with a wide range of clients, including elite athletes, active individuals, and people of different age groups suffering from various musculoskeletal problems. You can learn more about Ismo here!

When to see an OMT Physiotherapist?

People suffering from various musculoskeletal problems and diseases seek the help of an OMT Physiotherapist. Typical clients experience acute or chronic pain, such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain in the extremities, headaches, or dizziness. Furthermore, the treatment of spinal function and movement disorders is within the scope of an OMT Physiotherapist. Ismo also has extensive experience in rehabilitating athletes from different sports and in injury prevention. You can book an appointment with Ismo at the Punavuori branch. The clinic is located in the premises of StadiFit gym in Punavuori, which provides excellent facilities for more demanding rehabilitation.

Ismo specializes in:

Acute and chronic neck and lower back problems Various acute or gradually developing shoulder and knee problems Rehabilitation of sports injuries, proper timing/optimization of rehabilitation, and return to sports Pain management, including acupuncture/dry needling Foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon issues

“In my work, I use a versatile and individualized approach, where the treatment plan is always tailored to the client’s current situation and needs. The goals of rehabilitation are set by you, and I act as your guide on this journey.”

If you have any questions about OMT Physiotherapy or its suitability for your condition, you can contact Ismo via email here!