Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional guidance for athletes and active people

The aim of nutritional guidance is to ensure sufficient, diverse nutrition suited for the patient’s training schedule. Exercise, rest, and nutrition go hand in hand, and the right balance will make your life easier.

The biggest nutrition-related problem for athletes and active people is insufficient energy intake. Sufficient energy intake is the key to progress, better resistance, and optimal recovery.

Insufficient energy intake combined with a lot of exercise can slow down progress and recovery, but it can also cause hormonal disorders for both men and women. Athletes might suffer from mood swings, increased stress, or recurring illnesses. Insufficient energy intake can also expose active people to overexertion and injuries, or slow down the recovery from existing injuries.

The goal of nutritional guidance is to find the right meal rhythm and help patients evolve and recover better. Nutritional guidance is best suited for athletes and other people who exercise regularly, but it is available for everyone interested in nutrition and coping with everyday challenges!

In the beginning, the patient will keep a journal on their diet, as well as the amount of exercise  and rest. You will receive instructions for this via email before your first session. Please book your first session at least two weeks beforehand, so that we have time to do a summary of your journal.

During your first session, we will go through your journal, give you tips on how to build your diet and receive all the necessary nutrients, as well as the timing and quality of your meals. Together, we will think about different ways to build a healthy and sufficient diet. Forget about short-term, restrictive diets – we want to work towards a permanent change. After the first session, we will agree on the schedule and how to proceed.

The number of sessions depends on the individual, but often two or three times is enough for a good start!

If you have any questions regarding nutritional guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The best way to get in touch with me is via email at

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Nutritional Guidance